Natalia Paisano - 1.150€

 July 3rd - JULY 9th


September 18th - 24th


Natalia will be teching Mysore style and led practices in the mornings and during the afternoons she will deliver 3 different workshops focusing on:


- Hip Openers:


  Aiming on reducing the tendsion and effort, finding the right balance within the pelvis, and understanding of the anatomy of your hips. Explaining how standing, seated and supine postures increase your range of motion in all directions. We will work on stabilising the hips and lower spine and conditioning and releasing the muscles around these joints, resulting in a new freedom of movement.


- Backbending clinic:


  In this workshop Natalia will focus on explaining the anatomy of the heart space and the spine, learning how to connect to it's energy and the many positive effects on the brain and nervous system. This specific wirkshop will teach you how to safely move into deeper backbends.


- Inversions:

  Inversions are a special breed of Asana challenging you physically, mentally, and emotionally. They hold the power to shift your perspective on yourself and the world around you. Natalia will explain into detail everything you need to know to perform those postures in a safe way giving you the tools to turn your practice upside down. You will learn how to get up to headstands, shoulderstands and handstands safely through building the right confidence to trust yourself.


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