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Natalia Paisano traveled to the India for the first time and began practising yoga when she was 18, after trying different styles she discoverd Ashtanga Yoga and had the privilege to be a direct student of Pattabhi Jois (guruji) during 10 years, from whom she received permission to teach this method. She owned the first and most popular Ashtanga Yoga studio in Madrid. She's been giving workshops all arround the world and has also studied with some renowned teachers such as Louise Sears, David Swenson, Matthew Sweeney and Rolf Naujokat


Natalia definitely stands out by her dedication, wide experience and contagious energy.



Natalia Paisano - JULY 3rd - JULY 9th - Price 1.150€

Natalia Paisano - SEPTEMBER 18th - 24th - Price 1.150€ 

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Born and raised in the south of Brazil. After years traveling the world as a model she settled in New York City, she discovered Ashtanga Yoga and devoted herself to daily studies under Eddie Stern. Since 2003 she has been traveling to India to study with her Guru Sri. K Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois at KPJAYI. She was authorized in 2010 to teach Level 2. Aline believes that yoga shifts our perspective and cultivates a comprehensive and accurate conception of who we are and how the world works. She endorses a practice that serves as a powerful transformative process, where practitioners are empowered to gradually rediscover their full potential : physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Aline Fernandes - AUGUST 14th - 20th - Price 1.150€ 


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